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Diversity & Inclusion

Oklahoma Heart Hospital welcomes patients, families, and team members from all cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We want every patient and family member who walks through our doors to know that they will be provided the highest quality of care.

Our core value of dignity professes that we respect all persons and value their differences, and we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do. We educate our team members on cultural and diversity awareness to ensure our commitment to compassionate care for every patient and family, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, age, identity, class, ability, or faith.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger. Our physician owners represent many different cultures and countries around the world, and we actively recruit team members from a wide range of backgrounds to ensure diversity among our team.

Allied Health

OHH encourages our Allied Health team members to collaborate in setting our standards for excellence in patient care. Our team members help shape the way OHH operates with the purpose of providing high-quality, safe, patient-focused care.

The Laboratory at Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) is focused on providing optimal patient care. Each team member strives to ensure accuracy and efficiency for laboratory testing.

The Clinical Laboratory team consists of dedicated, compassionate and driven members that are confident when performing laboratory testing and specimen collection. Employees work in a fast paced environment, responding effectively to routine and STAT testing.

State of the art instrumentation and procedures provide cutting-edge laboratory testing for our patients. The registration and phlebotomy areas are conveniently located together to serve patient needs. State of the art phlebotomy chairs provide comfort for our patients and enhance patient safety.

The Laboratory team reflects the OHH mission and vision by responding to patient needs with care and empathy. The culture at OHH is one of teamwork focusing on the patient’s needs with every decision; therefore, Laboratory staff work as a team with Physician’s, clinical staff, and registration.

The Radiology department at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) consists of a team of individuals who are hardworking, patient-focused and willing to engage and learn. The Radiology department receives an array of patient diagnosis from outpatient to ICU and is prepared to treat no matter the condition of the patient. OHH invests in the Radiology team by providing access to state of the art equipment such as patient lifts, nuclear cameras and up-to-date supplies to perform optimal care.

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Respiratory team is consist of a high functioning, ATS certified group of technicians that strive to put patient satisfaction at the heart of everything they do. The Respiratory team verifies patient schedules, performs routine checkups, maintains equipment, collects and distributes accurate PFT reports and uses Biomed and the Morgan Scientific SpiroAir. The Respiratory team is provided with the latest software and techniques to achieve optimal patient support.

Common activities and procedures completed by Respiratory team members include intubations, arterial line placement, assisting with bronchoscopies, chest tubes, thoracentesis and vent management. Team members will be called on to assess and treat patients in respiratory distress and with home CPAP setup.

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Ultrasound department team provides excellent patient care with up to date technology and techniques. Team members get the opportunity to learn, grow, develop as a Sonographer and be a part of cutting-edge technology and procedures.

The OHH Ultrasound team provides an array of ultrasounds from outpatient exams, 3D capabilities and stress echoes. The Ultrasound team maintains a higher standard of medical ethics at all times and is self-motivated to increase their level of understanding and knowledge of the field and diseases as well as the ability to adjust to change as new procedures evolve.

Hannah, Registered Nurse

A nurse in the pulmonary critical care unit at OHH, Hannah loves the friendly environment, cohesive teamwork, and high standard of care.

Support Staff

One Team One Focus. All OHH team members provide excellent service and care to our patients. At OHH, we put the patient at the center of everything we do.

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Environmental Services (EVS) department team members are dedicated experts on providing a clean, safe environment for all OHH patients, staff and visitors.

The EVS team prides itself on patient satisfaction, courtesy and room cleanliness to ensure the optimal experience of every OHH patient. The EVS department utilizes micro-fiber cleaning and hygiene/sanitation monitoring technology to provide the cleanest environment possible.

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The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) strives to transform heart health by providing an array of quality fresh food served daily. OHH has remained in the 99 percentiles on Press Ganey for 15 years by incorporating a revolutionary system that mimics hotel room service and drives the satisfaction of our patients in an upward direction. The hospital food service program encourages an inclusive and diverse environment where opportunity and learning are at the heart of what we do. Food service team members experience the best part of the patient's day and provide optimal customer service while providing a safe environment.

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The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Registration team is patient focused from the arrival and departure of the patient. The Registration team ensures effectiveness and accuracy upon patient registration.

The Registration team performs all work with accord to the mission, vision and values of OHH by executing Registration duties and expectations. Registration team members answer and process all telephone calls, monitor all alarms, security systems and execute disaster and emergency protocols. Registration team members work to update manuals, call lists and directories and ensure successful onboarding and training of new team members.

Russell, Business Office

Russell enjoys the personable culture at OHH, and how the respect and kindness expected of all employees drive excellent care for patients. Learn more about why he loves working here.