Danny, Registered Nurse

Danny enjoys a fixed, low patient ratio, which means he has time to get to know his patients and provide them with the best care.

Alex, Registered Nurse

Alex was able to get hands-on experience of the life of a nurse through the OHH Nurse Extern program. Hear more about her experience.

Toni, Business Office

Toni considers her coworkers to be much like a family. See what she loves about her job at OHH.

Promise, Food Services

Promise appreciates the laid back and collaborative atmosphere at OHH that brings out the best in everyone. Hear more about his experience.

Samantha, Environmental Services

Samantha feels a great sense of support and friendship working with our diverse team of Heart Heroes. Listen to why she enjoys the teamwork at OHH.

Nikki, Registered Nurse

Nikki believes that working at OHH, even if only as a student, is an experience every nurse would benefit from. Hear what makes us different.

Kenyeta, Business Office

For Kenyeta, being able to work for overall patient success is the best part of her job. She loves the focus on providing excellent care at every step.

Norma, Environmental Services

Norma enjoys the flexible hours and excellent benefits as a member of our environmental services team. Let her tell you why she comes to work and goes home happy day in and day out.

Adam, Food Services

Adam enjoys working in food services at OHH because the expectation of excellence makes a difference in everyone's lives. See how the smiles are a nice perk for our team.