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Nurse Extern Criteria

  • Currently enrolled and in good standing of final year in a Registered Nursing program
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Able to work 36-40 hours per week during the entire program
  • Complete application online
  • Provide an updated resume, which needs to include:
    • Expected graduation date
    • Recent copy of official transcript
    • Two clinical letters of reference
  • Submit Paperwork here:

Applicants will be called if selected for an interview and should make themselves available if at all possible.

Once the Externship has been completed, OHH has the option to retain the Nurse Extern while he/she completes his/her last year of nursing school. After graduation, OHH also encourages a smooth transition from Extern to Intern to RN and pays for a NCLEX Review Course to assist Nurse Interns in preparing for their boards.

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Nurse Internship FAQs

Recently graduated nurses from an accredited nursing program can apply.
Candidates can apply to any listed registered nurse (RN) position at careers.okheart.com. We will customize your training program to fit your progress. Upon passing boards, you will be promoted to RN and continue with your training until you are assessed to work independently.
Each nurse intern is assigned a dedicated one-on-one preceptor for 8-12 weeks of bedside orientation.
There is no contract.
Skills you will learn during orientation include: Basic dysrhythmia, Interventional cardiology, Basic concepts in panic, Sheath pull, Heart recovery, Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), Workshops: communication, cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary.